It's Getting UGLY
posted: March 25, 2010
Victor Juhasz March 25, 2010
Very funny Mr. Gothard. Not commissioned?
Gothard March 25, 2010
On the WSJ web site tonight, Mr. Juhasz. Mobs are scary to encounter but fun to draw.
Victor Juhasz March 25, 2010
Love the sketch. You didn't post that before.
Jason Crosby March 26, 2010
Love the detail....and violence!!! :)
Gothard March 26, 2010
I am fearing the worst and that was revealed in this drawing.
Rob Dunlavey March 26, 2010
Classic yet all too current!
Harry March 26, 2010
It is getting scary, great detailed, fluid piece.
Robert Neubecker March 26, 2010
Beautiful drawing. The political season's really getting interesting...
Christoph Hitz March 26, 2010
Ugly seldom looks this good. I'll love to swap the sketch!
Terry Brown March 26, 2010
Don't you wonder what Nast and Levine would have done?
Robert Saunders March 26, 2010
Great vigilante mob, David, which is what the party's extremists are turning into.
Gothard March 26, 2010
Thanks for the kind comments in what feels like a very unkind time. Terry - I ALWAYS wonder what Nast and Levine would do.
randy enos March 26, 2010
Excellent drawing.....even though you have a left hand on a right arm....hey I do it all the time on purpose.
Gothard March 26, 2010
HAH! My drawing dyslexia rears it's ugly head! good eyes, Randy. Bad hand, David.
Gothard March 26, 2010
Correction made. Now to stop the press.
Brian Stauffer March 26, 2010
I'd love to watch you paint one of these. great work.
Gothard March 26, 2010
My door is always open, Stauff.