A Baaaad Arrangement
posted: June 15, 2010

For Utne Reader, on key environmental groups that are beholden to corporate money, and therefore end up working on their behalf, or at the very least, an ineffectual agenda. It's a pleasure to work for Stephanie, who encourages illers to "surprise" her with a dynamic image.


Alex Nabaum June 15, 2010
Carl Wiens June 15, 2010
Agreed. Amazing transitions in this, David.
Larry Ross June 15, 2010
A beautiful piece of work, David. And those cropped in sections could each stand alone as terrific works of art!
Brian Stauffer June 15, 2010
Love the details of the brushwork, David
Greg Clarke June 16, 2010
Terrific drawing and concept, David.
Gothard June 16, 2010
Thanks, all, for the nice feedback.
Adam McCauley June 16, 2010
Fascinating image, David.
Mike Moran June 16, 2010
I can just feel the line work. What a neat idea for a image.
Bill Mayer June 16, 2010
Love this concept, and the shadowy figure underneath.Great drawing...
Cathleen Toelke June 17, 2010
Environmental groups now, too? Really effective image, David.