Satchmoe - R.I.P.
posted: February 15, 2011
Satchmoe's track name was simply "Moe". I thought it best to create a new name for his retirement, but keep it phonetically similar, and settled on "Satchmoe", borrowed from my jazz hero, Louis Armstrong. Satch satyed on the track a couple of years longer than most Greyhounds, indicating that he was a champion dog, and earning money for his owners well past the point that most dogs are done away with. Acclamation to a comfortable domestic existence was not easy for him, and there was a definite distrust of people initially. But soon, he abandoned his fears and became the sweetest dog imaginable, and lived to a ripe old age. There was also an unusual regal dignity about him. All a retired Greyhound really wants is kindness from people, a cushy place to rest their weary, bony body,  and an occasional run. Although he died several years ago, I am glad I did this drawing of him while he lived.
Steve Wacksman February 15, 2011
Gorgeous drawing, David. Really beautiful. I'd only met my first greyhound a couple of years ago. They're nothing like I assumed - quite loving and docile when there's nothing to chase. And incredibly soft and silky fur. It's great to know there's people like you to give these animals the retirement they deserve. I'll bet Satch's time in your care was pure heaven for him.
Gothard February 15, 2011
Thanks Wax. Your sentiments are spoken like a true dog lover.
Adam McCauley February 15, 2011
That's a gorgeous drawing, David. I can't imagine having a greyhound, but obviously Satchmoe had a great home.
Gothard February 16, 2011
Thanks, Adam. Satch was a happy retiree. You could not sit without him hoisting his rear on to your lap, expecting to be rubbed. Never saw another dog do anything like that, and at 65 lbs. he made his presence felt.
Jim Paillot February 16, 2011
That drawing is so touching and wonderful. How terrific of you and your family to give Satchmoe the loving home he deserved.
Harry February 16, 2011
Beautiful drawing. My neighbors have a rescued greyhound. I was at my friends farm a few weeks ago in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. They have a miniature greyhound, funniest little ball of tension!
Victor Juhasz February 16, 2011
Very handsome drawing.
Gothard February 16, 2011
Thanks, Jim, Harry & Victor!