The Lunatic Right
posted: April 18, 2011
Thanks to Stephanie Glaros at Utne Reader for this great assignment, titled "Stealing the Constitution"; unhinged -  reclaiming our constitution from the lunatic right, I pitched the idea of the huckster and she let me rip.
Katherine Streeter April 18, 2011
these are great!--that rat is so wonderfully horrid!!!
Douglas Fraser April 18, 2011
Love these! The crazy Paul Revere ride of the rat.
Larry Ross April 18, 2011
These are really lively and fun, David! Its clear that you had fun doing them. Just the right touch of wacky - sinister. The hucksters on the right have a lot of nerve.
Patrice Kes April 19, 2011
Great Artworks David. I love it!
Jeff Moores April 21, 2011
Yeah! White eyed rat- love it!