Token Artist...
posted: March 9, 2006
Show curtain for local high school musical "State Fair"....
Call me De gratis artist. Every community has to have a village idiot and a token artist. That's me (the token artist - wise guy) and since my daughter stars in the high school play....guess who does all the backdrops? I enlisted a friend, and together we banged out three 14'x42' backdrops in little over a week - working the graveyard shift to get it done in time. I do manage to have some fun though. This pic is of the show curtain I decided to give a carny theme to, which actually has very little to do with the wholesome, hoaky world of the Iowa state fair. Also managed to borrow a circa 1900 Coney Island carousel lion for the play. Had restored it some 6 or 7 years ago after it's discovery in a storage shed. Some knucklehead with a goldfinger fixation had sprayed it with gold paint and (probably) having realized the crime he'd comitted, abandoned it to decay. I'll post a pic of the lion in it's current glory.
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David Gothard March 13, 2006
Good point, Hal. That was the initial idea and had a few H.S. art students lined up to follow my instructions, but timing and location made it impossible to stick with that plan. The muslins ony arrived a couple of weeks prior to opening night, and given my daily deadlines, (very) late nights were all I had to devote to this effort. Next year things will be different and I'll attempt to make it more backdrops of the students, by the students and for the students. My daughter will be a senior by then - they cn use & abuse me for one mo' year. The school sets under your direction sound fantastic. Any pics? Dave G