It's CHA-CHA time....
posted: October 18, 2006
The campaigns are heating up and so we must watch the dance of empty promises, manipulation, greed, and malice. So if I feel this way, why am I so compelled to draw political images? Answer: what's more fun than drawing an elephant and a donkey doing the cha-cha?... well, maybe dragons. Or pirates. Or actually DANCING the cha-cha.
Christoph Hitz October 18, 2006
Hi David Nothing like a good elephant and donkey dance. They do it so well together. I'm however exited about going to vote for the first time in this country. With my luck I'm most likely going to create an instant hanging chad.
Robert Saunders October 18, 2006
David, it does take two to tango as you boldly illustrate. Yes the GOP have trashed Congress. But the Dems have their peccadillos too. A pox on both their houses, dadgummit!
David Gothard October 18, 2006
Christoph - firstly, move to a state where your vote really counts. Hint; for Dems you need to move to a solid red state like Iowa. Republicans....stay in Iowa. Sorry, couldn't resist. Robert - Yes, a pox upon their houses. The shame.... Larry - Thanks! You can write the reviews for all my upcoming shows. Randall - There you go again, droppin names and makin my day. Thank you, sir.
Edel Rodriguez October 18, 2006
"what's more fun than drawing an elephant and a donkey doing the cha-cha?" I don't know, maybe drawing a bear humping a bull.
David Gothard October 18, 2006
Oh yeah. Now why didn't I think of that??? DG
Edel Rodriguez October 18, 2006
DG, It's yours, take the idea and run with it. Maybe a little red bar graph line in the background. Don't wanna direct you too much.