Je Suis Charlie
posted: January 7, 2015
We all awoke to the devastating news today that our French comrades in art were slaughtered by the killers of a twisted ideology. Rest in peace to those who made us laugh while exposing the unsettling truth. When I am moved to tears, it is quickly followed by a reactionary burst of creativity. This image is the visceral response. I emailed it to the first art director on my list and as a result will be on tomorrow's WSJ editorial page. 
Harry Campbell January 8, 2015
Sad, and so twisted, impossible to comprehend. I think we should organize a show on this subject, this incident. Aside-I love when work is done personally and picked up by the press. Good job David.
Richard Downs January 8, 2015
Nice response, David.
Dale Stephanos January 8, 2015
Well done David.
Sally Henderson March 14, 2016
Brilliant art --so conceptuall -- and how have we come to this level of madness?