Artists' Holiday Cards
posted: December 7, 2006
I learned just how anticipated are artists' holiday cards one year, when instead of creating a new image, I sent a standard card around. The reaction was strong and acrimonious. There's something about this season that allows for a chance to do something expressive and emotive. I started a new show on this theme here at drawger  link  and hope you will all make contributions to it.
As per the excellent suggestions...the flopped reindeer.
Zina Saunders December 7, 2006
I love this, as I do all your stuff. Beautiful idea, beautiful execution.
Leo Espinosa December 7, 2006
Really nice David. Very Gothard. Now, here's something I learned from logos and comics that you might consider in the future: If the dear is faces to the right, he would be going towards the future and the whole image becomes more dynamic. Our eyes and brain are used to read in that direction. Flipping it as is would not work because you have the snow going in the right direction. Only the dear would need to face the other way. I hope you're okay with my comment. I think this is what Drawger is for.
Anonymous December 7, 2006
sorry for the typO. "if the dear faces to the right..." I will add something to the show soon.
Jeff Moores December 7, 2006
Great idea Dave! Nice message!! I've always agreed with Leo on the right to left issue... although I'm not sure what he means with the direction of snow flakes? or was that a joke- no smiley face? I live up here in snow country and snow can go any which way it wants! I've been fretting over this year's card with the lack of time and should I do one...but I've done a card every year for 20 some years. This post was a nice reminder- or a little kick in the butt!
David Goldin December 7, 2006
Great image DG. I agree with Leo on the direction of the deer. Now I've gotta get going on my Christmas/Chanuka/Kwanza image. - the other DG
Anonymous spell checker December 7, 2006
As long as you are fixing your grammar, "deer" not "dear" (unless you are very fond of that dear deer).
David Gothard December 7, 2006
Thanks for the nice comments. Leo - I am usually conscious of the symbolic and visual significance of the left/right thingy, but sometimes flopping the art after the fact can be jarring. It's hard to adjust and somehow exposes the small (or big) flaws of the art. BTW - I always welcome constructive critism. Yes - that is what Drawger should be about. DG
Leo Espinosa December 7, 2006
thanks "dear" spell checker. My spelling is getting worse by the minute.
John Dykes December 7, 2006
Nice one!
Christoph Hitz December 7, 2006
David, Beautiful rendering. I like the closed eyes, it gives the deer a graceful inverted peace.
Anonymous December 7, 2006
david: now THAT'S a piece that REALLY shows off your keen conceptualizing prowess AND visionary skills. bravo, buddy! bs
Bob Staake December 7, 2006
having a real bonehead night, dg. that commment up there? ^^^^ that's me -- bob anonymous.
Adam McCauley December 7, 2006
Right on David. A great image for this season.
Mike Moran December 8, 2006
This one was always one of my favorite Dave. Heck they are all my favorite.