Martin Luther King
posted: January 15, 2007
Few public figures stir the heart and soul like Martin Luther King did, and still does. When my kids were small, I'd sit them down to listen to his speeches on this anniversary date. What would follow was a larger discussion of American values. King remains a heroe and an example of decency and courage in this household.
I gave myself 2 hours this morning to create this image. The medium...brush & ink, & foil.
Adam McCauley January 15, 2007
Very cool image David! You sound like a great Pop.
David Gothard January 15, 2007
Thanks, Adam. Just stumbling along like most parents, hoping we are laying a strong foundation from which a decent, passionate person can emerge.
Zina Saunders January 15, 2007
Wow! I love this, David! Such a very moving and inventive interpretation of King! At first sight, it was so mysterious: I thought he was composed of birds! That's what the foil crinkles looked like to me; I've never heard of using brush and ink and foil! Do you mean you painted this on foil? A really great piece. You're amazing!
David Gothard January 15, 2007
Thank you, Zina. No - the foil is a fill on an ink drawing. I've been working in foil for years. Just never publish it. Dave
Zina Saunders January 15, 2007
Do you mean you cut sheets of foil out and paste it down on an ink drawing? Is it silver foil or colored foil? Man, I'd like to see this in person!
Robert Hunt January 15, 2007
David Gothard January 15, 2007
Zina- Photoshop layers. RH - thanks, daddio
Zina Saunders January 15, 2007
Ahhh! I see! Clever...and beautiful!
Jos. A Smith January 19, 2007
Zina, If you like this one (and it is a beauty), you should see some of the others. Dave has managed to make foil an art medium.