Applying Abstract Textures to the Human Form
posted: March 18, 2007
Using the abstract piece from the earlier post, I began experimenting with what might happen if it were applied to the figure. Here are a few preliminary results.
Viola!!! A happy accident.....a gorilla head built into the form.
randy March 18, 2007
You are an inspiration. Shall we go side by side again? Let me know when.
Christoph Hitz March 18, 2007
Dave, It takes some nifty equipment to pickup these fine scratches in metal. My guess; aluminum foil with a solarization filter or curve. Very cool step into Man Ray land.
Zina Saunders March 19, 2007
I like the top one best. Very cool stuff: mysterious and thought provoking.
Jos. A Smith March 22, 2007
Bizarre. When I was first scolling down this posting, I thought, "Why did Dave put that sexy body on a gorilla? I think I've been hanging around with you too long. Joe