posted: April 17, 2006
Unearthed this in my studio recently - Circa '77-'78. Funny thing is, I still FEEL like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Elwood H. Smith April 17, 2006
I would cast him, though, as a despicable villain in a Spaghetti Western. Or as an art student hanging out at Pratt in the late 70's. -E
Robert Saunders April 17, 2006
David, I've still got an early ID card with a similarly hewn moustache. Though I prided myself on my craftsman's skills, I could never seem to get mine trimmed straight. I'll warrant that beneath the untroubled countenance in this photo beat the heart of an artistic soul yearning for connection with arty babes.
Elwood H. Smith April 17, 2006
I had a mustache for 20 years and I recall three things about it that I don't miss: food gathered in it after a nice meal (actually, after ANY meal), nose dribble in it in the Winter and my constant nervous habit of chewing on the bottom edges of it. -E