Current Events
posted: October 24, 2008
For TIME on the fear in both camps, of election fraud....
Not surprisingly, the majority of my work these days is divided between the election and the economy. Here are some highlights.
For Mother Jones on a day of reckoning for corporations and investors who use off shore tax shelters...
This could work as a generic piece on the economy, but is actually running today in the WSJ on the Breeder's Cup....
As the economy slows, corporations are devoting more recourses to cyber security. For the Wall St. Journal...
For AARP on the rising cost for the elderly to heat their homes....
For the WSJ, on using the "liberal" label....
Mike Moran October 24, 2008
I love when you add a little humorous twist to your work. Love them all, the ghost is my favorite. But... the radiator is such a great idea! Welcome back.
Christoph Hitz October 24, 2008
David, How did the Republican party manage to get to the other side of being scared of voter fraud? The jackass in shining armor cracked me up.
David Gothard October 24, 2008
Good question, Hitz. But you can't be surprised? It's been a steady barrage of false accusations, mirrors and smokescreens. Thanks, Mike!!!
Doug Fraser October 24, 2008
Beautifully drawn with a nice blend of humor. Thanks for the overview.
Carl Wiens October 24, 2008
Thanks David for making some sense of this crazy mixed up world. Great narratives in all of these. That radiator piece really works!
Robert Saunders October 24, 2008
Beautifully drawn, David, and great concepts. I always love your elephants and donkeys, though the worm is my favorite of this set.
Harry Campbell October 24, 2008
David, All solid indeed. The radiator and voter fraud are the best. They are a great mix of humor and concept, no cheese.
Bob Staake October 25, 2008
the goth-man returns! that's the best elephant drawing i've seen in a long time, mr.!
randy enos October 25, 2008
Your work is refreshing, clean, pointed, marvelously clever, succinct, beautiful, thoughtful and darkly funny.
Zina Saunders October 25, 2008
Wonderful to see you back on Drawger!
Leo Espinosa October 25, 2008
Ha, ha... I agree with Staake and the donkey is pretty hilarious too!!! Nice to have you back, D.
David Gothard October 27, 2008
Thanks all...for your feedback. Randy baby...will you write my epitaph, in advance?