Birds: Then and Now
posted: December 22, 2008
Fractious New England, Dec. 2008 Boston Globe...
Birds have always intrigued me, and I'm happy to use them as a metaphor now and then. These images were commissioned in black & white, which of course is quite rare anymore in this Turnerized world. My approach has changed due to time constraints and is very evident when comparing these two illos. There just isn't the time on two hour turnovers to draw as finely as I used to.
Birds on a wire, The New York Times (sometime back in the early 1990's)...
Robert Saunders December 22, 2008
I saw your piece in the Globe today, David, and thought, they're finally getting some good art on the Op-Ed page!
Kyle T. Webster December 23, 2008
What a magnificent drawing! Very nice, David.
Mark Fisher December 23, 2008
David, the female bird on a wire is such a beauty in pose, form and shading, and that hand!
Zina Saunders December 23, 2008
I like them both, Dave, and that they each bring a lovely and thoughtful approach. I think there's a freshness and spontaneity that comes with the fast turnarounds that offsets the price in refinement.
David Gothard December 23, 2008
Rob, Kyle & Mark - many thanks. Zina - I do enjoy the immediacy of my current approach. Thanks for the insightful comment.
Leo Espinosa January 26, 2009
I'm not a big bird fan myself but I like these New England species AND the early 90s renditions too.