Animal Spirits
posted: January 27, 2009
Animal Spirits for The Wall Street Journal...
John Maynard Keynes calls the agressive confidence that has always driven Wall Street, and therefore the economy... the animal spirits. The animal spirits are in a downward spiral at the moment and so confidence and trust seem to have evaporated.
I like playing with the translucency of watercolor and this image presented a good opportunity for that.
Scott Bakal January 27, 2009
Hey Dave! A nice piece but in particular, I really dig the design of the imagery. Very nice and congrats...
Jim Paillot January 27, 2009
Hi Dave, nice take on that topic. Love the subdued colors.
Christoph Hitz January 27, 2009
Beautiful fluid piece.
Harry Campbell January 27, 2009
David, Beauty. I gotta bet art directors love you. The concepts are spot on, you're using imagery that gets to the point, and the craftsmanship is of course sharp as a tack.
Mark Fisher January 28, 2009
David, translucent shark! Real nice piece.