Positive Thinking
posted: April 3, 2009
It's not easy feeling green (cash) these days, but advertisers and Wall Street are promoting positive thinking. I've been involved in a number of projects recently that are taking an editorial approach to what is essentially an advertising page. Here is the cover for today's WSJ advertising section.
Steve Wacksman April 3, 2009
V Nice, David. I like the bit of warmth that the printed version gained from the newsprint,too. This one leaves me thinking about something beyond the intended message, though. Drawing automotive interiors, any sort of audio equipment, televisions and telephones is becoming difficult; everything is getting so sleek and featureless. I wonder at what point drawing the dials and knobs that once inhabited every dashboard will be confusing to the average viewer. I recently did a job that required me to draw both computer monitors and teevees. While I love the fact that in life they've gotten lighter, flatter and smaller as an iller it makes for some pretty dull subject matter. Anyhow,nice piece. You're the king of bulls and bears. And dragons and skeletons!
David Gothard April 3, 2009
Thanks, Wax. I agree...just think of how visually uninteresting the contemporary phone is compared to the rotary dial. But would kids even know what a rotary dial was for? The invitation is still open to come by and hang with me in my class at Pratt. DG
Brian Stauffer April 3, 2009
Wow, great real estate and a hilarious image. I agree with Wax, newsprint really makes this sing, but then again, I would eat newsprint for breakfast if there were any food value in it.
Randall Enos April 3, 2009
As always, my friend, a brilliant concept.
Larry Ross April 3, 2009
Great work, David!
Christoph Hitz April 3, 2009
Robert Saunders April 5, 2009
I always love your line work David and this is no exception.