The Fix
posted: June 12, 2009
Not expecting any miracles, but here's hoping the Dems can make the necessary changes to our health care system. With a little modification, I found the caduceus to be very accommodating as a pogo stick.

Randall Enos June 12, 2009
The CONCEPT KING strikes again. This is like the old mainstay of the gag cartoonists...the desert island. There's always a new way to do it... like the caduceus. This is probably the most creative way I've ever seen it. I'm in humble awe...having done about 14,000 of them myself over the years.
Susann Ferris Jones June 12, 2009
Boing...Boing... Great piece of art, says it all about this health care mess.
Harry June 12, 2009
Have you seen Sicko? It will piss you off. The idea of maximizing profit off of peoples health and well being suddenly seems so wrong. Not sure it will ever fly here in the "land of the free" I think the money making insurance companies, HMO's etc are just too entrenched. I hope I'm wrong because what's going on now is a crime. I just paid 2k for a routine exam for my wife. I'm assuming the illo is to make the idea of passing universal health a daunting task indeed-nice work.
Christoph Hitz June 12, 2009
The new header is outrageous...
Jim Paillot June 12, 2009
As Randall said, you are indeed the king of concepts. Love this idea. Like you, I am not holding my breath for health care changes. But I sure hope they happen.
Richard Downs June 12, 2009
The caduceus as a pogo stick?, brilliant. I too, have done a hundred caduceus concepts and this one rocks!.
Drew Friedman June 12, 2009
Drew Friedman June 12, 2009
Excellently done!
Walter Vasconcelos June 12, 2009
Hi David, powerful image. I like the colors too.
Lou Brooks June 12, 2009
Hey, David... what Christopher said: your header just knocks me to the floor!
DG June 13, 2009
Thanks all! Randy - coming from you, that title is quite a distinction. Christopher & Lou...thanks for the feedback on the header. And Walter - it's taken me awhile to simplify an approach to color that works for me.
Adam McCauley June 13, 2009
Poignant, as always. Great piece David.
Mark Fisher June 14, 2009
David, really like your octopod header. I think that pogo stick has retail possibilities.