Recent illos
posted: January 10, 2011
Corporate Farming: The Los Angeles Times Op-Ed page...
Political Cooperation: AARP Op-Ed page...
Risk Management: The Wall Street Journal Advertising Section...
American Bison: Syngenta Corporation...
Humanoids and DNA patenting: Utne Reader...
Karzai's Cronies: The Los Angeles Times Editorial Page...
A Hipster Thanksgiving (apologies to Norman Rockwell): Brand X Magazine...
"Why I teach in a public school": Boston Globe Op-Ed page...
Debts after Death: AARP web site...
Robert Saunders January 10, 2011
What control, what mastery, David! And your smoke is the best.
Larry Ross January 10, 2011
A prolific display of concepts and execution!
Douglas Fraser January 10, 2011
David, so much to enjoy here! As usual, beautifully done. The execution of the pool table is so skillfully done that you've made it look deceptively easy. And the Hipster's dinner, excellent! I think it's that tattoo on her arm.
Gothard January 10, 2011
Larry and Robert, Many thanks for the generous words! Thanks Douglas...circles...not my favorite thing to draw.
Mark Fisher January 10, 2011
A real fine batch of work David, I agree with Rob about your smoke.
marcellus hall January 10, 2011
love the spatter/charcoal(?)
NIck Wright January 11, 2011
David- these are terrific.
Rob Dunlavey January 11, 2011
Good solid work as always. I too like the scumbled/spattered technique you're using.
Greg Clarke January 12, 2011
As a subscriber to the Times, I always enjoy seeing your splendid drawings David.
Victor Juhasz January 12, 2011
Real good work here, David.