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DECEMBER 21, 2007
As is the nature of topical work, often assignments for the same subject flood in at once. Here are three different quickie illos on the same theme. Apologies to all the inhabitants of Drawgerland for my MIA. Good to be back.

Looking back, through broken glasses.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
"Shock", September, 2001
Four years ago, I worked through my grief by drawing. This was the first of what became 32 consecutive drawings before I came up for air.
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Recent quickies...

AUGUST 21, 2007
I'd like to post some long term projects I'm working on, but will have to wait. In the meantime...some ditties. The first illustrates the demise of bad horror films. As you can see, I had some fun with this. Apparently, sequels to slasher type flics are doing poorly at the box office. Hooray! The second image illustrates a book review and is about America's land grab to the Pacific Ocean during the administration of James Polk. The third image is about professors working in Iraq to bridge the gap between the military and the culture.
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Midsummer's Influence

JULY 28, 2007
For the great Tom Trapnell, on summer camps for rich kids...where they learn how to not squander their inheritance.
I find that whatever activities I'm engaged in at the moment tend to work their way into the images I create. Naturally, the summer months are when I spend a great deal of time outdoors gardening, swimming , biking, etc. The following images are a spate of summer themes turned out in this past week.
Today's WSJ front page (Pursuits) on the surge in trading stocks.
And for the Leisure & Arts section on literature and poetry and their dependance upon financial support.
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A Picture Perfect Day

JULY 16, 2007
A gathering of Drawgers and Inxsters took place on my turf this past Saturday under blue skies and perfect swimming conditions. We ate, drank, laughed and swam. The goal of having a relaxing day was acheived.
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an ENOS fourth of July

JULY 5, 2007
Along with my son, Dylan, and his girlfriend, Sam, we traversed four state lines to spend the Fourth of July with Randy & Leann Enos at their home/studio/horse farm in Connecticut.

Here, Randy is proudly displaying the catch of the day. It's not uncommon for Randy to follow a horse, bucket outstretched , as it relieves itself... in an effort to catch poop midair before it spoils the immaculately kept arena. Meanwhile, Dylan & Sam get acquainted with various parts of a horse's anatomy.
After a few quick lessons by consummate riding instructor, Leann, Sam was galloping off on her own.
All creatures great and small, are welcomed at the Enos ranch.
Randy & Bri (Musey) strut arm & arm to the house to prepare a sumptuous lunch, followed by a visit to Randy's subteranean studio. The walls are a visual feast and everywhere there is evidence of the rich life Randy lives through his art, family, friends, various collections and momentos from his long, successful career.
THE BLOCK WALL: The wall leading to the studio is lined with Randy's  lino blocks.  Many of these are discarded and never make to the wall, which i suggested to Randy ...might be considered a crime by most of us. I managed to wrestle this gorgeous original block from Randy, somewhere in between the flat file and the trash bin. I am mesmerized by the mandala like quality of it.  
After frolicking on the Westport beach for awhile, we enjoyed each other's conversation over dinner at a local Enos haunt. There is no fireworks display that can compare with the colorful, charismatic, gracious qualities of Randy and Leann Enos.

Micro Spots

JUNE 19, 2007
These mini illos appear in the current issue of Newsweek. They illustrate a lengthy article on coping with Alzheimers disease and were commissioned in B&W as the original idea was to create the feel of an old medical dictionary. Each postage stamp sized spot serves as a chapter marker.
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Wandering Wales

APRIL 10, 2007
We are back from our Dublin to Wales to London trip. I left the sketchbook home, but brought all the camera gear to document our kids as they performed all over Wales in their high school marching band...150 members strong. I took around a 1000 photos. Here are some highlights. The trip was featured on the BBC and received local coverage. To see a vid, go here: http://icnorthwales.icnetwork.co.uk/dailypost/
A Victorian seaside resort in North Wales
Where the lush Welsh countryside meets the sea.
Early morning mist combined with chimney smoke and lake vapors.
The band rolls into Bangor, Wales and marches through spectators.
The first castle they performed in overlooked the sea. Temps were in the 70's.
From within another castle built in the 11th century, Drum Major Anna conducts the band from the slate disks where the Queen of England annoints Knights. I shot this from one of the turrets.
An emotional moment when Welsh townspeople connect with relatives (band parents) they never met before.
A moment where I catch up with my son.
The band sets up to perform classical compositions in the Bangor Cathedral, built in 522 AD. Our daughter, Anna, sang the Welsh National anthem in Welsh, stirring the hearts of the Welsh in attendance to sing along. Not a dry eye in the entire Cathedral.
Our drums display the Welsh National logo.
Tubas are so photogenic.
Daughter, Anna, yells commands, as they march past local dignitaries.
When the band members take a break, they leave their instruments at their designated spots.

Applying Abstract Textures to the Human Form

MARCH 18, 2007
Using the abstract piece from the earlier post, I began experimenting with what might happen if it were applied to the figure. Here are a few preliminary results.
Viola!!! A happy accident.....a gorilla head built into the form.

When not creating art on demand

MARCH 17, 2007
This one titled "NOCTURNE"
I try to remain disciplined about using my "down time" constructively. Here is one in a series of non-illustration pieces I'm developing. Would love everyone's honest feedback, but am reluctant to reveal the process....just yet.