David Gothard



December 8

Paradise Found

December 5

Tim Burton at MoMA

November 19

Sesame Street at 40

November 6 Upon graduating Pratt, I was introduced to the legendary artist rep, Ted Riley, by my mentor, James Grashow. Riley...

Dragons are forever

October 13 Americans have been paranoid concerning China, well...just about forever. And that's good for me, because...

Down on the Farm

September 29 19th century women write about their abusive marriages to overworked, desensitized farmers. Accounts of rape,...


June 19

Zombie Politician

June 13 Newt Gingrich, Zombie politician, groping for media attention with the same old dead ideas. This one for the LA Times.

The Fix

June 12 Not expecting any miracles, but here's hoping the Dems can make the necessary changes to our health care system....

GOP ("O" for obsolete)

May 9 In the age of Obama, the GOP seems in danger of self imposed extinction, as they appear to inhabit an ...

Positive Thinking

April 3 It's not easy feeling green (cash) these days, but advertisers and Wall Street are promoting positive thinking. I've...

Animal Spirits

January 27 John Maynard Keynes calls the agressive confidence that has always driven Wall Street, and therefore the economy... the...

God is Black

January 24 The title for this essay "God is Black" is about all I had to go on at the TIME, as it was not yet written....

Goodbye Mr. Bush

January 2 It was good to receive an assignment from TIME outlining the many crimes of the outgoing administration. I could not...