David Gothard

Satchmoe - R.I.P.

FEBRUARY 15, 2011

Satchmoe's track name was simply "Moe". I thought it best to create a new name for his retirement, but keep it phonetically similar, and settled on "Satchmoe", borrowed from my jazz hero, Louis Armstrong. Satch satyed on the track a couple of years longer than most Greyhounds, indicating that he was a champion dog, and earning money for his owners well past the point that most dogs are done away with. Acclamation to a comfortable domestic existence was not easy for him, and there was a definite distrust of people initially. But soon, he abandoned his fears and became the sweetest dog imaginable, and lived to a ripe old age. There was also an unusual regal dignity about him. All a retired Greyhound really wants is kindness from people, a cushy place to rest their weary, bony body,  and an occasional run. Although he died several years ago, I am glad I did this drawing of him while he lived.