Last Call....
posted: September 29, 2006
This is a last feeble attempt to lure some fellow Drawgers out to our show's opening tonight, Friday, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Hey, we're only 80 miles this side of the Hudson river, and if the promise of an endless supply of wine, good food, stimulating conversation and some OK art, all in beautiful, historic, downtown Bethlehem is not enuf to entice you...jest stay home. I'll remove this redundant post by tomorrow. For more info: DG
David Gothard September 29, 2006
Very, very cool, Leo. This is our second, the first was a number of years ago at East Stroudsburg University. It was cool then, but much cooler now. And the addition of my good friend and former teacher, Joe, is icing on zee cake. eDavid Gallery is new, but quickly became the premiere gallery here in the Lehigh Valley - they even have a transporter, so give em your coordinates, Leo, and they'll beam you over for the opening. Larry- Looking forward to seeing you & Mike tonight. Thanks, Jeff and Don. DG
Edel Rodriguez September 29, 2006
Hey DG, Seeing you and Joe would be the greatest. I'm so bummed I can't make it. I have to work, closing a magazine and such. Cheers.
Mike Moran September 29, 2006
See you tonight!
Peter Cusack November 5, 2006
Where was I!!!!! Why didn't I see this!!!! This hurts!!!! I would have loved to goooooooooo. I am kicking myself. Looks like a great great show.