Recent illos
posted: October 14, 2011
For Stephanie Glaros, Utne Reader, on detecting criminal minds in early childhood....
For the WSJ, on an obscure law that presents statistics as evidence....
For the Progressive, on agressive GOP funding of local campaigns....
Victor Juhasz October 14, 2011
Very nice images here David.
Rob Dunlavey October 14, 2011
Dave, when I see your work, especially these few pieces, I'm reminded of a few of my all-time favorite graphic artists (besides you!): Honoré Daumier, Bill Mauldin, Herblock and even, Bill Peet. Even the most outlandish images of yours are completely clear, fluent, warm and convincing.
Mark Fisher October 14, 2011
Great image and concept on the early childhood piece. Timeless work David.
Nick Wright October 14, 2011
David- I love these! The monotone and sketchy jury complement that judge quite nicely. The elephants are great. Concepts are great all around! Nick
Gothard October 15, 2011
Thankyee all...for the generous comments.