A Testimonial
posted: October 27, 2006
I balked at the fax machine when it first made the scene, but it allowed me to choose where I make my home and studio. I resisted the computer as well, but with it's introduction, I was able to juggle more than one deadline a day. In the last few years, I've known that the solution to catching jobs on the getting a blackberry. But do I wanna be one of these guys you see pacing on subway platforms, frantically sending & receiving emails, a slave to a 3 x 4" device? A "crackberry", as one drawger aptly put it. Well folks, I'm here to testify. I've been paranoid about leaving the studio during the day, as I've missed a number of jobs in the past that land via email. Often my clients don't follow up with a cell call, probably because at the point of contact, only a few hours remain to complete the job. On to the next iller. Yesterday, I purchased the crackberry from a mall kiosk where they patiently got it up & running quickly. Exiting the mall (always a relief) my berry goes off with an incoming quick turnaround job. A job I would've missed since I'd planned to run errands afterwards. The job fee was exactly equal to the sum of a year's worth of blackberry service payments. Needless to say, I hightailed it back to the studio. Yep...I'm hooked.
Zina Saunders October 27, 2006
Neat. What's it like typing on it? Man, like I'm not already on an internet IV drip!
David Gothard October 27, 2006
Zina- You're gonna hate it. Keys made for squirrel monkey fingers. What's worse is, NOW I have to make sure I carry my reading glasses with me at all times, otherwise it's impossible to read the letters/numbers. You found it's achilles heel. DG
Zina Saunders October 27, 2006
Another thing I've wondered...what does the text look like on the screen? And what about html embedded in emails? I have that turned off in my email program...can you turn it off on the berry? But who cares about keys? All you gotta type in is, "Will do!"
David Gothard October 27, 2006
Zina- Hmm...dunno about the html. Have'nt had it long enough. I did discover that I cannot travel to web sites created in flash (like mine) since the blackberry does not have the program. DG
Robert Hunt October 27, 2006
Since I only have one functional thumb (don't use power tools, kids!) I am blessedly imune to the lure of the blackberry.
David Gothard October 27, 2006
Oh, and the text is very readable with the option of magnifying it.
Robert Saunders October 27, 2006
David, What'd it cost and why'd you choose the Motorola? There are variations, I believe, so didn't that make it hard to choose?
David Gothard October 27, 2006
RH- Ouch!!! RS- I generally don't like pricey devices with all the bells and whistles. This model granted me what I needed and was priced right...$159. with a $100. rebate (that reminds me...where is that receipt?). The service is around $50. a month. I suppose that varies. DG
Bob Staake October 27, 2006
i was in sandiego last month with my insufferable corporate brother (cfo for countrywide mortgage, so if you need a good rate, well) and his blackberry was going non-stop. i usually have my ibook on trips with me, but it's one of those original orange clamshells that i thought looked cool as hell until a friend of mine who owned the local coffee shop told me it reminded her of something barbie would have. to make it worse, no airport card, so i look even stupider trying to plug it in to a phone jack. probably 50% of my magazine and newspaper assignments come via email too, so gothard's story gives me serious fuel for thought. then again, my son can get me a sweet discount at apple. god, i love having connected relatives. ps: here's MY tech product tip: actually a tip i took from flaherty. the nikon coolpix s6 is one KICK ASS little digital camera.
David Goldin October 27, 2006
Dang.... I paid $1600.00 bucks for my first fax machine. And it was big as the space shuttle toilet. Then I moved on to my first cel phone. It was Big. Like holding a shoe against your head. Althought it didn't make me feel smart. (Maxwell Smart).
Zimm October 27, 2006
Just what I want to look at - an x-ray of someones perfect right wrist! I had one of those once, damnit! Hey can you get Drawger on that thing?
randy enos October 27, 2006
Hah David....I bought a cheapo fax machine....only cost me a thousand. DG-I never thought you'd sell there no hope. You're not one of those people, two rows in front of me, who open their cellphones right at the crucial point in the movie and send my eyeballs into retinal arrest are you?
David Gothard October 27, 2006
Aw...Randy, where's the faith? It's a necessity is what I'm sayin. Am tryin to give you all the heads up. As fer public spaces, don't get me started. My cell phone is immediately turned off in any instance where it might be offending to someone. I am always astounded by the lack of consideration that's exhibited when strangers come together. Tonight, Sharon and I had to stand in line in the pouring rain, ever conscious of how our umbrella was positioned, lest it intrude on someone else's space. Meanwhile, everyone else is either poking, jabbing, twirling or dripping on us. It's like the old amish man in Witness says...don't go out among the English. Dave
David Flaherty October 28, 2006
They are developing a new stardard of web design now that will work on pda's. FYI. If I had a pda I'd have gotten 104 drawger new comment e.mails! whoa! I can see getting this as about 99 percent of my work is via e.mail. But I don't leave to house much. from the site: Set-up is easy. Setting up your BlackBerry device to send and receive email from your work and personal email accounts is quick and easy. And it’s just a few clicks away. You can do it online at your computer, or right from the device. In no time, you’ll be exchanging email with your friends, family and colleagues, from virtually anywhere you go. Learn More at BlackBerry Internet Service Email Setup. Open attachments on the go. View popular attachment formats including JPEG, BMP, TIFF, Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint®, Corel® WordPerfect® and Adobe® PDF. Whether it’s a key file from work or a photo from a friend, you’ve got access when you want it. And now, you can review PowerPoint presentations in an easy-to-use slideshow format. Create a unique BlackBerry email address. Could you use an extra email account? Or an address you can reserve for close contacts? You have the option to choose a unique BlackBerry email address. Messages sent to this address are received and stored right on your BlackBerry device, so you never need to use a desktop computer to manage the account. Manage your email accounts from just about anywhere. You can add up to 10 business and/or personal email accounts easily and configure each one individually. With multiple ‘Sent From’ email addresses, you choose the account you want to reply or compose from and each email account will have a separate inbox on the BlackBerry device. And there are no email storage quotas to manage for email accounts that are integrated with your BlackBerry device* – auto-aging means the mailbox never gets full. Plus, you can manage all your email accounts directly from your BlackBerry device: your desktop account is updated whenever you send, delete or read a message on your BlackBerry device.† You save time because you don’t have to manage your accounts in two places: read a message on your BlackBerry device and it’s marked as read when you return to your computer. Just hope that lawsuit is settled! (Patent was bought by somebody else and they sued)
David Flaherty October 28, 2006
Hey Gothard, is it water proof? I can see you in your pool all summer now.
Tim OBrien October 29, 2006
Good move? I don't know. I like driving and since my ticket for talking on my phone, I rarely do in the car. Now the car is a free zone and I can get away in my RAV. Back in the 90's I gave a few AD my cell phone number. Bad move. Dinners, dates and peaceful afternoons were all dashed with the ring of my phone. Loved the work and the fact that they called, but I didn't need to be called at 10:30 PM on a Friday night. So, congrats on the purchase; may it buy you freedom.