Turning Point
posted: December 15, 2006
Mostly, I think of good art direction as me, of course. But a really good art director can locate the best deep within you and coax it to the top, sometimes with a mere suggestion. In this case, the art director was Edel Rodriguez/TIME magazine. The article is about the question of tieing the solution to the Iraq war with resolving Middle East issues. i presented a few sketches, and we agreed on the strongest of them. Edel asked me to treat the color like the "Death Visits New Orleans" art;  a limited and more graphic treatment of color. Sometime in the course of rendering the illo, a switch was thrown in my head. I've never been completely satisfied with my approach to color, feeling there is nothing distinctive about it. in fact, I have a sign above the drawing board that reads "It's the color, stupid".  Suddenly I felt  a direction. Ever since this job, I see color differently. Not sure if I'm prepared to articulate it fully yet, but change is a comin.
Detail from "Death Visits New Orleans"...
Christian Slade December 15, 2006
Sounds like a sweet bit of breakthrough. Hope that works out for you. Ironically, I was flipping through a TIME mag over breakfast today and saw this in there! Looked great! And I knew who it was before glancing at the cred line. Good stuff!
Harry Campbell December 15, 2006
Mr Gothard, You gotta know I love that concept, man that is a winner. Love those wrapped vines, I am sort of obsessed with that sort of thing, tangled, interwoven, wires, etc. Just beautiful, and I mean that. A nice sensitive piece. Would be great in b&w as well on the op-ed page. h
randy December 16, 2006
Nice one Dave...I like the limited works for you and is giving you a distinctive look. I looked at the Disney again....whatta beaut that is. It must have been fun to draw those evil Mickeys. The New Orleans picture is a classic.You pack a wallop with these. I love it when you tinge those pictures with that brownish sepia.
Jeff Moores December 16, 2006
Very, Very Nice ! Love your new palette! I've always been a big fan of monochromatic colors. Let's see more! Got your card today David! Thanks! My printer is working overtime cranking out cards, But WHAT??? I look over to the printer and it's printing 6+ pages of the drawger home page?? I accidently clicked print while reading drawger and didn't realize what was going on....
J.D. King December 16, 2006
VERY GOOD, all around! I've often thanked good ADs for making me look better than I really am! A good AD will coax the very best out of an illustrator. (Editors, on the other hand...)
David Flaherty December 16, 2006
Nice Job Dave! Less is more as always! Saw the Time Drawger issue! Fuchs, Gothard, Staake and my wife (too smart to blog) Weinstein.
Hal Mayforth December 16, 2006
This is a great illo, David. The limited palette has alot of impact. I look forward to more. H
Zina Saunders December 16, 2006
Just beautiful, David. Whenever I look at your work, I think I'm seeing music–very powerful, sublime visual music.
Robert Saunders December 16, 2006
Your draftsmanship is bulletproof, David. Never seen one thing of yours that didn't have everything in the right place.
Peter Cusack December 16, 2006
You know I agree with Saunders just above me here. I love the drawing here. Talk about articulate. Always good to hear when someone is going through a change in there work. Very exciting.
Mark Fisher December 17, 2006
David, a beauty, the tilt of the head and offset beak are real nice.
David Gothard December 17, 2006
How nice to return to all these encouraging comments. Thanks all! Tis truly appreciated. DG
Mike Moran December 23, 2006
Congratulations... super,super job Dave.