Christmas Eve Guests
posted: December 23, 2006
Every Christmas Eve, we host a dinner for friends and family. I create place settings with a theme. These are always cut-outs with everyone in attendance photoshoped into the image. This year, the theme is "The Gothard Circus". I used a 1920's Diixie Cup Circus propmotional set that we picked up years ago, for the basis of the circus. It's a 30 piece set with extraordinary illustrations (artist unknown). Here are the results. Of course, I am the ringleader.
My son, Dylan, always ends up lookin good....
Daughter, Anna, riding some duck - ostrich hybrid....
Papa G...
Christoph Hitz December 23, 2006
The best place settings I have seen in years. I like how You put Your self into the clown driver seat....LOL Have a peaceful, merry Christmas.
David Gothard December 23, 2006
Hah!, Cristoph - that's my youngest brother. I'm the ringleader to the left. Thanks, DG
Robert Saunders December 23, 2006
What an incredibly fun creation. A lot of work seems to have gone into this.
David Gothard December 23, 2006
Thanks Robert- There will be 25 guests. It took some time, but it's a labor of love. DG
Edel Rodriguez December 23, 2006
Dave, looks great, pretty funny!
David Gothard December 23, 2006
Edel- Can u find Obie Wan? Dave
Edel Rodriguez December 23, 2006
Obi Wan Smith is doing the heavy lifting, as always!
Tim O'Brien December 23, 2006
Adam McCauley December 23, 2006
These are phenomenal, David! What a lucky family to have a Dad who does this every year!!! Martha Stewart would be proud.
Mike Moran December 23, 2006
Dave, You always amaze me!!! Tell everyone Merry Christmas for us.
Rob Dunlavey December 23, 2006
Wow! This is cool. I bet you have a blast! I'll be thinking of you now on Christmas Eve. --RD
Larry Ross December 24, 2006
Dave, These are fantastic! I can't even imagine the time and effort that had to go into them. Just the photographs of all the heads alone being turned and positioned just the right way had to be a job taking and then working them out to fit so perfectly. Your brother in the clown car looks a lot like you! If the dinner party is half the fun of these settings it'll be a blast! Here's to you and yours. Have a great holiday. Larry
David Flaherty December 24, 2006
What a hoot! Hope the food is even better than the table art, which I'm sure it is. Happy Holidays David!
David Gothard December 24, 2006
Thanks all, for the warm wishes. And to you, good Drawgers (and lurkers) a joy filled holiday! DG
J.D. King December 24, 2006
I think Dr. Hitz needs to concoct some pills for your OCD, sir! You will be happier, albeit not as entertaining.
Jos. A Smith December 26, 2006
This is to drawgers all: The party was every bit as good as the pictures look. The food, Indian, was super. The company, convivial and entertaining, and the host -as always - a true gem. The only difficulty was that we were not allowed in the house unless we dressed like our place cards. I was grateful for global warming for the first time as Dave had chosen a rather skimpy outfit for me, but Dave being a gentle soul at heart, let us all change back into our civvies before we sat down for the feast. It was a memorable evening. If the art thing doesn't pan out, Dave has a brilliant future as an occasion planner.