Still in Theater Mode
posted: January 5, 2007
This job about intellectual property and the performing arts, landed in a timely way, since lately I've had occasion to do some theater imagery. The article was about where the line is drawn on interpretations of plays and infringements of copyright. In case it hasn't been obvious, I seem to always pare down the image to a central symbolic figure.  I think my work is best in this iconic approach. Although, I'm terribly envious (admiring, really) of artists who think in reverse ...of using a visually complicated image to convey the mesage.
Scott Bakal January 6, 2007
Nice color palette and I really enjoyed seeing the close up and the individual brush strokes in there. Very cool and very cool solution.
Jos. A Smith January 6, 2007
good one, Dave. Clever way of making the point.
Zina Saunders January 6, 2007
Beautiful, as always, Dave. And I agree with Scott about seeing the closeup...your line and brushwork is poetic.
David Goldin January 6, 2007
You are a thesbians best friend. Alright,'s early still and I'm having coffee. I'll try and think of something better to say. I love the image.
David Flaherty January 6, 2007
Great stuff David! I find that the close ups become very compelling. Even stronger in some ways than the whole image at times. I could see version remix's of these great images. This closeups with type would be a great poster. Hope this sounds as I intended it! I think also here we see the brush strokes and paint clearer as well.
Larry Ross January 7, 2007
David, I love this one! Take a bow! It fits right in so well with other work you've been doing lately! You've got to find out which design companies do the Broadway posters and send them some samples if you haven't already. You're a natural in this genre. Larry