My Rube Goldberg
posted: February 20, 2007
I always strive for a fresh image and generally avoid the obvious, which I guess is why I never used the Rube Goldberg concept before. But in thinking about the problems of medicare for this assignment from the Wall St. Journal, the Goldberg metaphor felt so appropriate.
Scott Bakal February 20, 2007
Ha! Great illustration! I like the shadow over the face. Nice job and congrats!
A.Richard Allen February 20, 2007
A triumph! Wasn't aware of RGoldberg (wikipedia's brought me up to speed). The UK- equivalent is William Heath Robinson. I still come out in a cold sweat when I recall doing a Heath Robinson-style machine for a newspaper section cover: one of the few occasions where I've come close to completely flipping out. I will _never_ actively suggest such a solution again to an AD as long as I live!
Zina Saunders February 20, 2007
Beautiful solution, Dave. As always. Love the boot and all the little contraptions and the way they all fit together in the composition. And I agree with Scott's comment about the way you handled his face, with the shadow cast on it. I just can't get over how lovely your line work's positively lush.
David Flaherty February 20, 2007
So does it say medicare works or is just complicated. I've got to get my dad one of those Dave!
Richard A Goldberg February 20, 2007
Using a Goldberg is always a great choice.
Bob Staake February 20, 2007
dg: so fabulacious i oughta spell it PHABULACIOUS! bs
RANDY February 20, 2007
Excellent job my talented friend. I love the treatment of the guy's head. I have done so many Rube isn't funny! Mostly they were intentional parodies of Golberg for the Lampoon, Psychology Today and the cover of the Sunday N.Y.Times Magazine. Rube may have been a crusty ol' right-winger but he sure left us with a handy illo-solving device didn't he? I smoked a cigar with him once.
J.D. King February 20, 2007
David, nice one! Randy, please tell us the tale on your post someday soon!
Robert Saunders February 20, 2007
What is it about a Goldberg that makes it so universally coveted? Must be that style, elegance, and a certain je ne sais quoi.
David Gothard February 20, 2007
Thanks All! Rob- I believe the mistique of RG is all about the spirit of improvisation and ingenuity. DaveF - Both! Randy- It really is the perfect metaphor for so many issues. Maybe it's high time I stopped avoiding it. DG
Jim Paillot February 20, 2007
Nice piece, David. And the guy at the bottom- so perfect. Rube would have loved the boot.
Larry Ross February 20, 2007
I've done a couple of Goldbergian take-offs but it's always been the art directors idea. Not because I don't like them but because I haven't wanted to get into the complexity. I love looking at them and this one works very well! It's the hilarious absurdity of the elaborate mechanics. All that effort for a relatively simple solution.
David G Klein February 20, 2007
Great peice! Ha! I get it now. I've never done the Goldberg thing, though I've often tried. I see that my problem was that I always tried to create a machine that actually worked!
Mike Moran February 20, 2007
Love the Goldberg illustration. Randy is right about doing these. Maybe a tribute to the great Rube Goldberg show at Drawger?
Peter Hermann February 23, 2007
this is really nice. the lush brush strokes (it is brush right?) and especially the yellow around the man. super job David.