Wandering Wales
posted: April 10, 2007
We are back from our Dublin to Wales to London trip. I left the sketchbook home, but brought all the camera gear to document our kids as they performed all over Wales in their high school marching band...150 members strong. I took around a 1000 photos. Here are some highlights. The trip was featured on the BBC and received local coverage. To see a vid, go here:
A Victorian seaside resort in North Wales
Where the lush Welsh countryside meets the sea.
Early morning mist combined with chimney smoke and lake vapors.
The band rolls into Bangor, Wales and marches through spectators.
The first castle they performed in overlooked the sea. Temps were in the 70's.
From within another castle built in the 11th century, Drum Major Anna conducts the band from the slate disks where the Queen of England annoints Knights. I shot this from one of the turrets.
An emotional moment when Welsh townspeople connect with relatives (band parents) they never met before.
A moment where I catch up with my son.
The band sets up to perform classical compositions in the Bangor Cathedral, built in 522 AD. Our daughter, Anna, sang the Welsh National anthem in Welsh, stirring the hearts of the Welsh in attendance to sing along. Not a dry eye in the entire Cathedral.
Our drums display the Welsh National logo.
Tubas are so photogenic.
Daughter, Anna, yells commands, as they march past local dignitaries.
When the band members take a break, they leave their instruments at their designated spots.
daveB April 10, 2007
great photo-log! where do the kids keep them hats?
David Gothard April 10, 2007
DB- In five gallon plaster buckets. DG
Bob Staake April 10, 2007
really terrific, david. makes me wanna hop a plane and catch the standing ovation!
Zina Saunders April 10, 2007
You were missed, but what a great gift you brought back for us: fantastic pictures!
Adam M April 10, 2007
What an amazing trip this must have been David! You must be really proud of your kids too. What a cool idea, having a marching band tour like that. Thanks for the post and great photos.
Scott Bakal April 10, 2007
Hey Dave: Great photos...amazing even. I would have had a heart attack not to have a sketch pad with me but you can't go wrong with those photos. I am glad you had a good trip and welcome home.
David Flaherty April 10, 2007
How was the food! ? Love that smoke shot.
David Gothard April 10, 2007
Zina, Bob, Adam & Scott....thanks for the comments. DF - I find British food to be unimaginative, curious and bland (baked beans on toast for breakfast?!?). But drink is good - Guiness is best in Dublin and ales in Wales. The best meal I had the entire time was at a small restaurant in Dublin...on a tip from one of my students. DG
randy April 10, 2007
Nice to have you back ol' buddy...I missed you. I didn't know you were going over because of the kids. fantastic photos but I can't believe you didn't try a little drawing on the spot. Of course when I went to the Azores, I did practically no drawing. I'm a very weird guy because I love English and Irish food. While everyone else drools over Thai food and Indian food and Italian food and French food...I look around for the nearest kidney pie.
Larry Ross April 10, 2007
Welcome back, Dave. This is a great bunch of pictures! The shots with the band in the castles are really special. What a terrific family trip that must've been. Larry
Mark Fisher April 11, 2007
David, what a trip! and to have both your kids in the band is so cool. A proud poppa for sure. You must be Welsh. Welcome back.
Jim Paillot April 11, 2007
Really inspiring pics. My kids are going to go nuts over those castle shots. I hope you all had as much fun as it looks like you did!
Christoph Hitz April 11, 2007
DG, This looks like a fabulous trip, I hope You lunch an aditional photo gallery.