posted: April 11, 2008
Inspired by a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens Orchid show, and Julie's amazing photos, I began drawing orchids on pieces of Birch bark that I'd peeled off trees a few weeks ago. An unlikely medium, though bark after all is a cousin to processed paper and provides a natural texture that makes every drawing look good.
This variety of Orchid is called a Slipper Orchid for it's distinctive pouch that resembles a slipper....
Bob Staake April 11, 2008
ah yes, david, the old 3-ply bristol birch -- stretches well, consistent grain, never fades -- but the termites can be a bitch. fun stuff!
David Gothard April 11, 2008
Yeah, Bob - I had to shake out a few critters. Mostly just spiders. The Birches are molting right now and with care a solid section of 9X12 bark can be had. Once you start, you just can't stop.
Rob Dunlavey April 11, 2008
That bark has quite a bite! These are lovely botanical drawings.
David Gothard April 11, 2008
Thanks, Rob. My new fave medium.
Robert Saunders April 11, 2008
Lord have mustard! Things of beauty, all.
Zina Saunders April 11, 2008
Lovely, sensitive drawings David. They look like prints.
Christoph Hitz April 11, 2008
The first time I saw a wild Lady Slipper Orchid grow on property I almost fell off my tractor. Beautifully rendered art.
Marc April 11, 2008
Beautiful drawings, David, and an interesting choice of surfaces. Good to see your post!
Mike Moran April 11, 2008
These are so nice Dave. How are you going to put these in a portfolio? Just kidding. Good to see a post from you.
Randy Jones April 11, 2008
Hi David: When I was a kid, my family used to camp at Miller Lake Lodge in the Bruce Peninsula, in Ontario Canada. The whole lake was surrounded by huge stands of Birch trees. I've never seen such a beautiful place. However, my father punished me when I peeled bark off a Birch tree. All I wanted to do was build a Birch Bark canoe.
Hal Mayforth April 12, 2008
When I was growing up in Vermont, wild Lady Slippers were considered the Holy Grail because they were so rare. When we bought our first house in New Hampshire I was delighted that our property was peppered with them. They are special plants. Great drawings and photos. And above all, great post.
Thomas Kerr April 16, 2008
It's been a while, n' I been a hankering for some of your mark-making. Good stuff!
Karen Smith July 23, 2008
Absolutely gobsmacked! Both photographs and drawings are incredibly beautiful! Karen :)