David Gothard

Rush Jobs

FEBRUARY 17, 2006
Ok Rob, you asked for it. I am pretty good at handling 2 same day assignments a day(generally from 12:00 - 4:00), but this week I had two days where I was juggling three. The WSJ & Newsday call on me alot for 3 hour turnarounds. It's doable only under perfect conditions, ie; smart client, no interuptions, image not too complicated, etc. It was rough going since my environment was less than perfect. But it gets done and I don't miss deadlines (would they call me again if I did?). What am I thinkin about? "I'M WORKIN, I'M WORKIN". Stress as a result of overwork is very different from the scary variety that seeps in when the phone is silent. This job (image) was one afore mentioned - done in an hour, on the divisions in Turkish society. DG