A Prayer
posted: December 4, 2008
I've had occasions to illustrate commentaries, naratives, lessons and poetry, but never a prayer until now. The image for the WSJ accompanies a prayer said before each flight the author takes, believing it insures a safe passage.
The sepia bleed has been something I've been enjoying lately.
Brian Stauffer December 4, 2008
that's a beautiful piece, a great idea.
Eric Braddock December 4, 2008
I think your solution to the problem turned out really well! Simple concept but very effective, nice!
John Dykes December 4, 2008
Beautiful piece, David... cool idea.
Dale Stephanos December 4, 2008
Great idea/execution David.
David Gothard December 4, 2008
Thanks to Brian, Eric, John and Dale for the generous comments. Noodling away on soybean crops and corn fields can quickly eat up a three hour deadline.
Cathleen Toelke December 4, 2008
Wonderful idea, David, and the soft background technique works really well with it.
Chris Buzelli December 4, 2008
Great piece. I love the subtle color and subtle values. I feel like I'm looking at this image with my 3-D glasses on. And a 3 hour time line - unbelievable!
Kyle T. Webster December 4, 2008
David, I love, love, love the colors here.
Alex Murawski December 4, 2008
Very nice idea, and that soft bleed is very effective.
Nishan Akgulian December 4, 2008
Great job David. A real subtle yet powerful way of expressing the spirit of the story.
Harry Campbell December 4, 2008
David, Love that vantage point, and those earth tones vs the steel blue on the jet. Did they make you change anything from your original sketch? I'm always a little nervous when doing planes, especially since 9/11. I've had to change the direction so they don't look like they're crashing. I'm glad they didn't mess with yours. nice.
David Gothard December 4, 2008
Thanks all !!! Harry - I was concerned that the plane may look like it's taking a dive, but the balance became the shadow of hands safegaurding from any harm. There was no critical input from the WSJ. They have been good about defering with trust.
Marc December 4, 2008
Great concept and beautiful execution, David.
Jason Crosby December 4, 2008
Wonderful! Love seeing the closeup painting!
John Hendrix December 5, 2008
Great concept... So, what is the prayer?
Mark Fisher December 5, 2008
David, A+. The highway department will be pissed that you graffitied the asphalt.
David Gothard December 5, 2008
Marc - thanks! And thanks to Mark and Jason. John - not sure if I had the actual prayer before it went to print (have not seen the printed page). Often what I get is a synopsis paragraph.
David Heatley December 5, 2008
Really nice. I actually pray every time I'm in a plane and I imagine hands like those lifting me up and gently putting me back down when I land. I don't believe in an anthropomorphized God or anything, but the hands are so comforting. You really nailed the idea here.
Peter Cusack December 5, 2008
Great idea David. And the poem??
Tim OBrien December 6, 2008
Brilliant and subtle image.
Walter Vasconcelos December 6, 2008
Hi David, very nice piece.
A.Richard Allen December 7, 2008
Great stuff, David