Goodbye Mr. Bush
posted: January 2, 2009
For the Commentary page, TIME Magazine...
It was good to receive an assignment from TIME outlining the many crimes of the outgoing administration. I could not help but think of the hulking machines driven by the puny pink aliens in War of the Worlds. I used this opportunity to indulge my armor fetish as the vessel for the little man.
Harry January 2, 2009
David, Love that line of yours. Great concept. h
Marc January 2, 2009
Nice one, David.
Rob Dunlavey January 2, 2009
Let's try to keep Mr. Bush right on page one where he belongs! Nice image Dave.
David Gothard January 2, 2009
Hey Harry, Marc & Rob...thanks for the nice words.
Mark Fisher January 2, 2009
David, the boots and spurs are a real nice touch.
Edel Rodriguez January 3, 2009
Hi Dave, it's been nice to see your work recently in TIME.
Anonymous January 3, 2009
I love the fact that he's butt naked under that golden armor. Good job and come visit us soon There's a great show at the Sideshow gallery I just got in. Next Saturday
Zina Saunders January 5, 2009
Dave, you're the Concept King!
Mike Moran January 6, 2009
Great to see the finish after seeing the sketch. You should post that too. You know I really liked it. Good to see Time is keeping you busy!