posted: August 6, 2006
Jos. A Smith August 7, 2006
It was a great afternoon - good Indian food, great company and super hosts. Everyone who didn't make it - eat your hearts out. David, I saw you in the bushes. I'll post the pics after I clear them with the drawger censor board. In the meantime, I have posted the on the web at Edel, how do you judge a two year old float competition? Do you just sit at the edge of the pool and watch until all but one has sunk? We actually had to scoop Master Enos off the bottom of Dave's pool twice. Fortunately, he was at the shallow end both times. He did have an excuse, tho, he insisted a horse had stepped on his sandaled foot. I couldn't help but be amazed at how much the bruise the horse's hoof made looked just like the heel of his other foot.
Nancy Stahl August 7, 2006
What a great group. Looks like a lot more fun than scraping a 17-year old paint job from my bedroom walls. Or the Stahl family reunion (although Uncle Joe, the 92-year old pilot / cattle rancher was great fun). If I finish painting my apartment by next year, I'm a definite..!
Robert Zimmerman August 7, 2006
Thanks for taking the time to post this, DG - I should have sent up a quart of moonshine to be passed around.
Robert Saunders August 9, 2006
Wow, looks like a fun gathering, David. Guy, Tom Kerr, Randy E, and Dave K I've met; the others not. We were not that far away from you between the 6th and the 8thówell, okay, Riverside CTóbut in good company with seven illustrators hanging out at Barry Blitt's rehearsing tunes in our band and carousing under full moons. Seems like it's the time of year.