Weekend quickies...
posted: August 13, 2006
Work used to be a little more predictable. Now I'm doing quick turnarounds on weekends and at night. and I've become paranoid about leaving the studio, fearing the client will become discouraged with the answering machine and not pursue me to the next cell phone link. Time to get a blackberry and catch those emails on the fly, I guess. These two, for the WSJ & LATimes, are on scary topics. Didn't expect the one on the Brits catching terrorists to turn out like a Martha Graham Dance Co. program cover, but, i like the drama. The second piece is written by Judith Miller on those insidious secret Russian biotechnology labs in Siberia with their stockpiles of deadly virus. One courageous scientist converted it into medicine and ultimately peace between the East & West.
Robert Saunders August 14, 2006
Both great concepts, David. I couldn't carry a PDF just to go somewhere beautiful while I pull out my portable drawing table and work. I just can't concentrate when I'm in overly sumptious or gorgeous surroundings. At those times, drawing is torture for me.
Edel Rodriguez August 14, 2006
David, I like the gesture in your work, always interesting, and the ideas are great too. About the contact thing. I carry a cell. The number is on my answering machine for when I'm out. For people that just send e-mails for assignments, well, they should know better, so you should tell them to call next time. E-mail is not the best way to reach an artist when you are trying to find them. And, nothing more annoying for an A.D. than when an artist just has their e-mail address on their website as contact. Put your phone number on your sites everybody!