David Gothard

Tim Burton at MoMA

NOVEMBER 19, 2009
We were lucky enough to receive invites to the opening party for Tim Burton's comprehensive retrospective show at MoMA, compliments of my third grade friend, Akira. It was more crowded than I like for viewing art, but it was a night to remember and a great chance to examine his work up close. I was very impressed with the sophistication of his drawings and his success at playing and living a child's fantasy life...as an adult. Attached are some of Julie's photos from the affair, but I highly recommend you turn out and see this for yourself.
Julie at the entrance to the show.
Free drinks flowed and the party raged on.
Somebody should cut this guy off.
The exhibit is extensive with detailed info about his artistic evolution and behind the scene info on his films.
There were some characters I hadn't seen before.
...and many we are all familiar with.
His drawings are quite beautiful and he explores a wide range of medium.
One of my personal fave films.
Corpse Bride