Virtual Love & Other Works
posted: January 15, 2010
With the beginning of the new year, I am resolved to use the time in between commissions to create images for my own amusement. So far, I've been averaging one per week. It's hard to say where these ideas come from. I basically sit down with my sketchbook and begin to scrawl and think about issues and feelings that I'd like to give shape to. I've always felt that illustrators must produce art other than that which is the product of demand. The discoveries made during the process are necessary in order for us to grow creatively.

Marc January 15, 2010
Nice, David. I agree, it's important to make work for yourself, with no strings attached. Good to see you back.
Kyle T Webster January 15, 2010
These are all beautiful, but I particularly like the squirrels.
DG January 15, 2010
Thanks, Marc. it's obvious that you also practice this discipline.
DG January 15, 2010
Thanks, Kyle. That verdict is unanimous in this household.
Leo Espinosa January 15, 2010
Love'em all! These kind of exercises give us more that we can think. Next assignment: mixing squirrels, kitties and owls in one single piece :P
DG January 15, 2010
Owls, and kitties, and squirrels, oh my. Thankyee, Leo.
Jason Crosby January 15, 2010
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! My wife and I moved into our new home almost a year ago and had an owl family who lived in an old tree next to our upstairs window. I had the pleasure of seeing the parents feed the two little ones (not that cute seeing squirrels and rats being picked apart...but that's nature) and baby owls learning to fly over a few weeks. I haven't seen them this year, but each evening, I listen for a 'hoot'!
DG January 15, 2010
What a gift - to have a window on nature like that. Thanks for the feedback, Jason.
Doug Fraser January 15, 2010
Lovely work! A joy to look at. Your appreciation for structure makes these a pleasure to pour over. Thanks for showing them.
Victor Juhasz January 15, 2010
David, These are beautiful. Witty as well. Did you think of the big cat as a NEW YORKER cover?
DG January 15, 2010
Thanks Doug. Victor - Thanks. Yes indeed, all submitted and rejected.
Jim Paillot January 15, 2010
Those squirrels- NICE! I like your commitment to create more in between the paying stuff. Terrific pieces.
Cathleen Toelke January 15, 2010
The squirrels are absolutely hypnotic! Great work, David.
Mark Fisher January 15, 2010
I hate the little buggers but the squirrel piece is beautiful David!
DG January 15, 2010
Thanks Jim and Cathleen. Mark...I'm guessing you've had intruders in your attic.
Adam McCauley January 15, 2010
Great stuff David. I don't know what that owl piece means, but it's frikken poignant.
Lou Beach January 16, 2010
Beauties, all
DG January 17, 2010
Adam thanks - I'll take it - poignancy and ambiguity. Thanks, Lou.
Rob Dunlavey January 17, 2010
lovestruck owls, plagues of manic squirrels and cats the size of houses… What'll it be next? (I can't wait!)