Early Bird
posted: February 23, 2010
Following up on Randy's theme...I've seen quite a few Robins lately and am feeling hopeful for us Northeasterners.
randy enos February 23, 2010
I've seen a ton of fat Robins too and Cardinals. Those Robins have been around for a while though. The whole world is screwed up. Last year they came in early in the spring and there wasn't enough food for them and I found dead Robins (immature) all over my riding ring every morning.
Victor Juhasz February 23, 2010
Good image. Clever idea. We got another foot of snow dumped on us up here this afternoon. I feel bad for the birds who've been drifting in the past few days.
Leo Espinosa February 24, 2010
the early bird catches the Q train
Brian Stauffer February 24, 2010
i love this.
Patrice Kes February 26, 2010
A beautiful subtle image, Master DG.